Mystery Audit course

Mystery audit design
qualification course

How to design a Mystery Audit

The course is delivered according to the Mystery Coaching® model, registered by MyNoiLab in 2011, i.e., a classroom management style and an approach to training integrated with coaching which brings to the surfacestarting from case studies analysis and practical exercisethe learnings related to chapters 5 and 8 of UNI 11312-1:2017 and consolidates them by training the specific skills of the role of Planner, as well as to UNI 11312-2:2022.
With the same approach, the Lecturer, through the exercises, encourages individual participants to challenge themselves on soft skills, observing behaviours, aptitudes, and personal characteristics that according to the standard are considered real skills for undercover auditing, including in design.


Professional Qualification Course for PLANNERS of undercover audits according to UNI 11312-1:2017 and UNI 11312-2:2022, the first in Italy qualified as AICQ SICEV (no.388)


The goal of the course is to provide participants with the necessary classroom training to be able to design an undercover audit, through the transfer of knowledge on UNI 11312-1:2017 (ch. 5 and 8) and
training of the related skills of UNI 11312-2:2022 on:

  • application of the principles of the undercover audit (Mystery Audit)
  • application of design criteria 
  • identification of context specifics
  • identification of relevant stakeholders
  • analysis of risks and opportunities and related actions
  • development of a scenario
  • design of verification requirements
  • reporting of the customer’s conclusions


One of the peculiarities of the incognito audit process compared to other types of audit, consists, for the Designer, in building together with the Client (and possibly other relevant parties), the specifications and requirements of the audit, as these are not typically specified in standardized documents.

The course is therefore characterized by experiential learning through:

  • the examination of a complete and real case study
  • the extraction of training tutorials
  • the guided classroom design of a case study

The course has a duration of 16 hours including a written exam



Target audience

Lead auditors, Mystery Auditors, consultants, coaches, quality managers, commercial managers, certification bodies, CRM and customer service managers of public and private organizations, i.e., all those who are interested in designing a quality monitoring service provided to a customer. In general, due to the limited number of places available in each session, the course includes a pre-selection of participants based on profile and personal expectations. The Mystery Audit design course can also be organized in in-house mode i.e., commissioned by an organization/entity at its premises.

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