Change the way you engage people

The "State of the Global Workplace 2023 Report" research tells us that:

77% of employees don't feel engaged in group activities
Only 5% of respondents claim to be engaged at work (worldwide average: 23%)
1 in 20 employees feels engaged, and Italy ranks at the bottom in the European chart
46% feel daily workplace stress (higher in hybrid mode)

Gallup's response, which we share, is:
"to change the way people are managed and engaged"

Why is this change important?

Who is this change aimed at?

CLICK – personas

Entrepreneurs and CEOs

We work on the team goals of the management group and the Board, training the entrepreneurial mindset, linked to innovation and uncertainty management.

Directors and Managers

We support Directors and Managers to harmonize and fine-tune their teams, engaging the group to set goals, establish performance indicators, and collaborate efficiently and effectively to avoid continuous fallbacks on Managers.

Operation Managers

We provide a tool to improve Team effectiveness, enabling them to be autonomous, increasing collaboration and problem-solving, stimulating decision-making.

HR and personnel managers

We introduce a process into companies that supports initiatives aimed at reducing turnover and employee dissatisfaction, contributing to improving group productivity through motivation, engagement, and continuous monitoring of people's well-being.

Here's how to approach this change:

57% stated that without Click, the problem would have only emerged when it got worse (in 43% of cases, it would never have surfaced)
In 70% of respondents, Click brings out team issues from the bottom and allows them to address them independently

MyNoiLab has integrated Click within its consulting, organizational development, and team coaching services. Click is owned by Emoquo Limited a UK start-up and was created in collaboration with the expertise and models developed by Kathryn McEwan, an Australian university Lecturer, Psychologist, Coach, and Expert in organizational change and resilience processes, as well as the balance between well-being and performance in both private companies and public organizations. The process utilizes the Team DNA coaching framework, developed by Kathryn McEwen, which is supported by a decade of research, scientifically tested with the support of 140 universities, and applied in over 4,000 organizations worldwide to date.

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